Prick of Time

A vintage style psychological horror in the tradition of the Twilight Zone


John Haught is an average American man with an above average level of anger. Stuck in life, and stuck at the Dry Cleaning shop in a bad side of town during his lunch hour, John stumbles into an antique store and changes the course of his life forever.

What would you do if the very moment that you will die was revealed? Would you heed to warning, or disregard the call of fate? What if you had only mere minutes to live? Would you believe it? Would you take advantage of the knowledge of your death and take the opportunity to mend broken relationships, or would you use your impending doom as an excuse to execute your revenge on the world for the shortfalls of your own spent life?

This is John Haught, and this is his lunch hour.

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One thought on “Prick of Time

  1. Brian has written an unusual story. I came to hate the protagonist; this guy did a few things I didn’t understand but I am not a prick like he was therefore…
    I like this novella, it is well written and kept me engaged. I think Brian’s skill is on a par with Stephen King’s novellas. This could make a great movie.


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